What I also really like in Microsoft Endpoint Manager / Intune suite is the Endpoint analytics. There is so much data being collected of onboarded endpoints. These insights can really help you for troubleshooting and see the general health of all of your endpoints. You can also see the average boot time or application startup and crashes. With this information you can apply predictive maintenance or device management.

In this blog I will show some really nice reports, but there is more to explore.

Windows 11 readiness

To quickly see the Windows 11 readiness of your devices go to Reports > Endpoint analytics > Work from anywhere and hit the Windows tab.

It shows you if the device is ready or not, and the reason when it is not ready for Windows 11.

Startup performance

To have more insights about the performance data of your endpoints, a really cool report is the Startup performance report. It shows you the details and the remediation options to optimize the time from power-on to productivity.

You can find this report at Reports > Endpoint analytics > Startup performance. Here you find some tabs, we begin at Startup score:

You can dive more into the depth within this report. You can see what Group Policy Objects impacts are on the average startup time. This way you can dive in the GPO’s in order to have a better start-up score or troubleshoot more targeted.

Within the Model performance tab you can see the hardware models in your environment compared to each other which is really nice.

If you want more detail about the applications and their startup delay you can go to the Startup processes tab

Microsoft Endpoint Manager / Intune can really help you for more insights about your endpoint environment. Workplace engineers can easily apply predictive maintenance or coordinate their work better.

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