You may noticed it on your mobile device; the icon of the Microsoft Authenticator app changed. Since the 4th of November Microsoft updated the app with the new icon but also 2-3 cool features:

  1. Account management
  2. Improved add account experience for enterprise accounts
  3. Updated icon

Account management

Change password

If you tap on your work or school accounts within the Microsoft Authenticator app you can click on “Change password”.

Sorry – it is in Dutch 🙂

Well it is in Dutch, but it is asking for my old and the new password twice. This is super end-user friendly.

Update your security preferences

You can change or update your security preferences and/or preferred authentication methods in the app.

So the Microsoft Authenticator app now gives me the possibility to add a new authentication method, add an telephone number or to add an alternative telephone number.

Overview of my recent activity

Maybe you are interested in review your sign-in history, if you somehow suspect anything weird, you can always check your history for something suspicious.

The new experience regarding adding a new account is basically a direct sign-in into the Azure AD account for registering. And it is also can handle QR codes for registering from another screen. This simplifies the sign-up phase incredibly!

Microsoft did a great job with the look and feel of the Microsoft Authenticator app, it is also more user friendly which is great. Somehow they did not listen that well to the community, because, my own Authenticator app is full of different customers. Most of the time it is searching within the Authenticator app, but Microsoft did not implement a search or filter feature within the new app.

Hopefully Microsoft is adding this in the future!

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