My name is Rob Janssen, living south-east in the Netherlands.

I am working as a IT professional since 2008 (>13 years).
Started as a servicedesk employee then system engineer, infrastructure specialist (secondment, so a lot of customers 🙂 for 7 years).
From June 2018 I am active as self-employed consultant.

I have a lot of on-premise experience, did several virtualization (Hyper-V & VMware) projects in several enterprise environments. Also a lot of experience of workplaces and OSD (OS Deployment) methods (with SCCM, MDT, Intune, MEM). I also have some side-projects within the logistics sector, basically these tasks are writing T-SQL stored procedures, scripts and tailored solutions. I am also into (the basics though) of PowerBI and created some KPI dashboards for logistics operations. The logistics/transport sector is a very ad-hoc and a diverse sector. The awareness and importance of IT (and also for reporting and automation) keeps growing.

Over the years my main focus changed from on-premise to (Microsoft) cloud infrastructure; design, troubleshoot, implement, migrate and advising. Techniques where I am familiar with are: Azure DevOps, PowerShell, ARM templates, Terraform, Azure Automation, Desired State Configuration, Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365 and so on. This all through security glasses. Because you cannot do this work without giving attention to security aspects.

In my free time I like to do some HTB (hackthebox) challenges by using Kali and all of their tools. Because I believe that when you know how a hacker acts and works, you can create a more secure IT environment. I am also learning web development (front-end and back-end) in my spare time. Therefore I am using the MERN (MongoDB, Express, React & Node.js) stack and try to learn, solve issues and develop several apps. Here’s my Github account: rob-janssen (Rob) (

The time that’s left I spent in the CrossFit gym/box, on my mountainbike and together with my family.

I am always hungry to learn and adopt new techniques, features and products. Because I believe that is the only way to keep the customer satisfied and ‘ahead of the pack’.

Some of my recent certifications