Windows 11 is general available since October 5. So to deploy Windows 11 via Intune/MEM (Microsoft Endpoint Manager) you can follow these simple steps.

At the customer I am currently working for we are deploying Windows 11 to a pilot group first, after that (because, you know, we’ll have to inform end-users before they get really shocked :)) we are going to roll it out globaly.

Well, to do so:

  1. Log in the MEM portal (
  2. Go to Devices
  1. Go to Windows
  2. Go to Feature Updates for Windows 10 and later
  3. Click on Create profile
  1. On the Create feature update deployment page fill in the Name and select Windows 11 as the feature update to deploy.
  1. Within the Assignments section add your Azure AD group to include or exclude from this feature update.
  1. Click Next
  2. Click Create

Now you are done. As you all know, it may take a while for the machine to contact MEM. But if it does, the Windows 11 feature update will be rolled out.

You can monitor the roll-out (well you can see the failures) within MEM. Go to Home > Devices > Monitor. There you can see the Feature update failures from the Software updates section.

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